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Private Boat Tour of the Islands

The Adriatic coast offers many beautiful locations that you should not miss during your vacation. The Kornati islands indeed belong to one of these locations. A well-known legend says that when creating the world, God had a handful of white rocks that he threw over his shoulder, intending to lay them down later. But when he turned around, he saw that they were beautifully arranged and he decided to leave them just like that.


Pašman is an island of happiness, small people with big hearts, which you will see during your visit. While on Pasman, why not take the opportunity to explore the surrounding destinations that will leave you equally enthralled.

kornati islands

We have various destinations and routes for private boat tours, which are the perfect opportunity to explore and discover the Adriatic coast. On our private tours of the island, you can get an excellent impression of the Croatian seascape.


We are at your disposal to arrange and organize an unforgettable tour of the Adriatic coast, tailored to your wishes and needs, on-site.


If you would like to arrange your private tour before coming to Pašman, please feel free to contact us. We are at your service!

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